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Minimum Continuing Legal Education
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Legal Specialization

Participation in this program is voluntary. To qualify as a specialist, a lawyer applicant must demonstrate to the New Mexico Board of Legal Specialization, with respect to the specialty, knowledge of the laws of this state and must comply within minimum standards of competency. To do this, an applicant must make a satisfactory showing of substantial involvement in the specialty in several ways:

  • Actual experience within the particular specialty such as amount of time and number of cases
  • Continuing legal education accredited by the MCLE Board for the speciality, with a minimum of ten hours per year average
  • Qualification in the specialty through peer review, the minimum being at least five lawyers who are familiar with the competence and qualification of the applicant.
The primary purpose of this program is to identify special competence in specific areas of practice and improve the quality of legal services. There are currently fourteen (14) specialty areas.

For more information about this NM Supreme Court certification program go to www.nmlegalspecialization.org.

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